Why This Show

It's all many of my friends', relatives' and clients' fault - the many that kept saying to me "You should be a stand-up comic" or "You need your own show".  To those I say you have officially brought this on yourselves, so don't be bitchin me out later. Unbelievably there are other sick puppies out there who must agree as I have been offered this weekly radio show on the Buzz 1270 am. The madness will officially begin Saturday January 9th, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. The premise is sort of a Dr. Laura/Dr. Drew sex line with free family law advice upon request. I am sure I will have little control once YOU ALL CALL INTO THE SHOW and it takes its own direction. I will also have interesting guests.


So here is where you come in: I AM TAKING CALLS ON THE SHOW AND YOU CAN JOIN THE FUN - LISTEN AND CALL. That is crazy as Hell.  For once I am inviting calls and requests for free legal advice - the thing all of us working lawyers try so hard to avoid in the grocery store or the hair salon. What is wrong with me? This is your big chance - tell your friends, family, anyone you like, hate or meet at a bar or give spare change to on the street - I will answer their family law legal questions for free and with some sass I do declare. Let's be creative about this too - ask me fun, off the wall, crazy, silly scenarios - I am best outside the box as all my friends know. Warning: normal, mundane questions will be met with certain sarcasm. After all, this show is suppose to be entertaining first and if we are lucky, accidentally enlightening second.


the Buzz 1270 am

For you sissy babies with public speaking fright please post questions HERE instead. I will read the good ones (and the embarrassingly bad ones) on the air and answer some on the site as well. So fun this will be. I can't wait to make myself laugh - and hopefully you too! Thanks for your support and encouragement and please do listen and call, call, call!

Happy New Year, Happy New Show!